Tough. Tested. Reliable.

In 1999, 3PS installed its first product: a load cell for a marine application.

Nearly two decades later, that sensor is still submerged in salt water- and continues to provide accurate data.

Since then, our innovative products have kept our customers up and running in the harshest environments all over the world.

Our products - and your operations - are backed by the 3PS commitment to reliability and precision.




Featured Products


Enhanced Torque and Tension Sub
3PS Enhanced Torque and Tension Sub

Compatible with all top casing running tools, the 3PS Enhanced Torque and Tension Sub integrates torque, tension and rotational measurements into a single compact solution.

Load Pins and Tension Links
3PS load pins, tension links and compression cells

With calibrated capacities that can reach millions of pounds, our Load Pins and Tension Links are the first choice in hazardous area and critical load-monitoring applications.

Crane Monitoring Systems

3PS Crane Monitoring Systems

Thousands of crane operators count on 3PS Crane Monitoring Systems to keep their systems running smoothly.  Our equipment reliably performs in the most challenging environments around the globe:  nuclear power plants, offshore rigs, marine salvage operations, logging plants and construction sites.

IRTT: Iron Roughneck Torque Tester

The only way to determine how much make-up torque is being delivered to your connections is to measure that torque from within the jaws of your Iron Roughneck using the 3PS IRTT.

SD50 Displays
3PS SD50 Displays
The 3PS SD50 display is the next generation of high-end displays for crane and winch applications.  Its rugged design and advanced digital communications protocol can create highly configurable sensing networks that will reliably preform in the harshest environments.