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In 1999, 3PS installed its first product - a load cell for a marine application. Fifteen years later, that sensor is still submerged in salt water - and still providing accurate, reliable data.  Since then, our innovative products and technologies have kept our customers' businesses up and running in harsh environments all over the world.  Our products - and your operations - are backed by our demonstrated commitment to quality and reliability.  You'll find our equipment working underground, in the air, in the ocean, and in hazardous areas all over the world.


Featured Products and Services


Enhanced Torque and Tension Sub
3PS Enhanced Torque and Tension Sub

Compatible with all top casing running tools, the 3PS Enhanced Torque and Tension Sub provides integrated measurements of torque, tension and turns in a single device.

SD 50 Displays
3PS SD50 Displays
Our new SD50 display is the next generation of high-end configurable displays for crane and winch applications. It uses 3PS rugged technology and our advanced 3PSNet communications protocol to build highly configurable sensing networks for the harshest environments.  
Crane Monitoring Systems

3PS Crane Monitoring Systems

Thousands of crane operators count on our Crane Systems to keep their operations running smoothly.  Our equipment operates in challenging environments like nuclear power plants, offshore rigs and marine salvage operations, logging plants and construction sites around the world.

Load Pins and Tension Links
3PS load pins, tension links and compression cells

With capacities up to 6,000,000 lbs, our Load Pins are perfect for your rugged or hazardous area application. 

Winch Control Systems

3PS Winch Control Systems

Our complete suite of Winch Control Systems will keep your shipboard, dockside, underwater and airborne equipment productive.  Our systems are designed for any environment - we provide indoor touchscreen or outdoor-viewable displays. 

Service and Repair

3PS Service and Repair

As a world leader in the development of high accuracy load systems, 3PS offers repair and recalibration services for our systems - and those manufactured by anyone else.

About Us

3PS provides tough, accurate, and reliable load measurement systems for any application.  

We are a Pason company.

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